Joe & Elfi Muutuki, Church planters in Nairobi, Kenya

We have known Joe Marlin since 2002 when he came to Nairobi, Kenya and worked as an intern in our multi-ethnic church. The way he connected with everybody, but especially with young people, really impressed us…. so much so, that we have been asking him to come back and serve the Lord here in Kenya. But, wherever God leads him and his family, that is the best place and we are sure that he will be a blessing. ” – Rev. Joe Muutuki

The Oberio’s, have planted churches in India, Kenya, and now in the state of Delaware were they now reside.

“We have know Pastor Joe Marlin close to 10 years. Ever since we met we have consistently been in touch with other each.

One thing I know for sure is that Pastor Joe has a Passion to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Africa and make disciples.  Its this passion that is so special with our relationship.  I have met many friends who have come to Africa,but the passion and the vision that he has for Africa is different.

My prayer is that God will continue using Pastor Joe in Africa.  I believe that Africa need this kind of passion,in order to make a difference.  Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ will certainly make a huge difference in lives of many Africans who have suffered for so long, especially in Rwanda where he is moving to. – Rev. Nicholas Oberio

“We have known Kristy Marlin since she was born because she is our niece! We have watched her grow and fall in love with Jesus. We have led many short term trips to Oaxaca Mexico and Kristy was on most of them.

Tom & Sandi Brown, Missionaries with Wycliffe in Southern Mexico.

Her love of the people and strong desire to help them come to Christ and grow was evident from the first minute she arrived. She learned the language and did whatever was asked of her and more! When she ‘looked’ for a husband, one of the top priorities was he had to be passionate about missions and God gave her Joe! The 2 of them together aren’t just ‘on fire’ — they are fire — burning new paths to bring the Word of God wherever they are! They purposely moved into one of the toughest sections of a large city to ‘live Christ’ to their neighbors and have been creative in bringing Christ to meet the people where they are.  We hope all who read this will join their team in prayer and financial support to encourage them and get them on the field!” -Sandy Brown

Steve Huber, church planter and lead pastor of liberti church east

“Over the course of 16 years, I have seen Joe Marlin come to Christ, grow in Christ, get married, and grow into the wise, fruitful, and passionate leader that he is today.  Joe has reproduced himself in making other disciples who love Jesus and have the heart of the Good Shepherd for the poor and for the lost.  We will dearly miss the Marlins being on staff at liberti, but we believe in the strategic nature of the leadership training that Joe and Kristy will be doing in Rwanda.  That’s why every liberti church is happy to be a part of supporting the Marlins and we prayerfully look forward to partnering with them in Rwanda in the years to come. ” -Steve Huber


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