Doesn’t AIM take out a lot of the money?

vey-simple-questionsOne of the most common questions we get as we raise support is, “doesn’t your mission take a big cut of the money?” We get it, people want to not only support the ‘mission’ they want to support us, as people they personally care about. There are times when yes we even would agree, sometimes it does feel like it would be helpful to get direct support.

You can click here to see how support is broke down, you’ll notice if you follow our prayer updates that our support targets are high, and what we actually get in the bank to live on is a fraction of what we raise, but why?

Let’s back up, its both true and its not true that we don’t get most of the funds you send in, its true only in the sense that we may not see that money in the bank each month as our personal allowance. Most of the money you send to us gets split up in so many ways. It pays for our rent directly, it pays for travel to conferences, it pays for us to come home, it pays our language teachers, part of it goes towards our retirement, lots goes to taxes, which we raise both employer and employee portions, it goes to pay our medical insurance and a host of other things. No matter how you look at it missions in Africa is an expensive endeavor, and honestly the more remote, the greater the logistics. We are proud to be a mission that sends us (and all its missionaries) out at relatively ‘basement bargain’ prices in comparison to many other agencies. Our standard of living might not always match others around us, but that has given us great opportunities for the Lord as well.

Yes, so some your support goes to keep the offices running (like the international office in Bristol, England or our home office in Atlanta) but let me tell you something those offices exist to support us, and lead this mission and we can’t imagine doing life and ministry in Africa without that support, and most of the full time workers in those office raise all their support too, so its not like we are carrying the burden of all their salaries.

So in answer to the question, if you wanted to give us a one time gift, sometimes it is helpful for it to be a personal gift. But our greatest need right now is to get pledges of support, that come monthly, quarterly or yearly, pledged and given through the mission. That regular support is what keeps us on the field, and our focus on the ministry that God has for us. We are grateful that you would consider our ministry worthy of your investment. I hope this helps answer some of your questions, but if you have more please do not hesitate at all to send us a message at  For information about giving, please check out


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