5 ways to bless us on Home Assignment in America.

Why wo9937_10201640757516977_1825705826_n (1)uld I write such a self-serving post?  Well first of all, of course I do want make the most of our time home, and if a few folks read this and it paves the way for a bit more mutual understanding, then there is nothing wrong with that.  But I also hope this would in general helpful to others who interact with brothers and sisters re-entering the States from a term of services to the Lord overseas.  I’m sure what I write here doesn’t apply to us only!

*To see our schedule for Home Assignment in America from October till the end of January click here.

5.   Have patience with us, we probably can’t carry conversations on through pop culture references.  I remember having many people look at me sideways when I came home after a year in 2002 and had no idea what American Idol was all about.  Living the past two years  and working with a very international team, in Rwanda has only confirmed my suspicion that Americans feel really comfortable when they can keep a conversation going in continual references to pop culture.

4. Let’s share our stories!  Life surely has gone on for our friends in America, and though many folks back home have heard the highlights of our life through prayer letters and updates, we have missed two years in the lives of so many people that were really precious to us.  Bear with us, we missed marriages, new babies, and all kinds of milestones and hardships in peoples lives.  Let us catch up, we don’t just want to give our ministry update and move on, we want to reconnect with people we care about.

3. Invite us out / or stop by.  Seriously the first term for us has been difficult.  Always pursuing relationships, always hosting parties, almost never receiving in any way in return, and add on top of that all kinds of cultural and language barriers that we’ve had to navigate.  Will we be ‘crazy busy’ when we are home?  Yeah we will, and its not easy with three small bambinos, but we would be blessed to be given the opportunity to try!

They'll need help to learn about the newest gameboy, but they can fill in their friends on tormenting live in house workers with dead lizards!
They’ll need help to learn about the newest gameboy, but they can fill in their friends on tormenting live in house workers with dead lizards!

2. Don’t forget those bambinos.  We are really praying that our kids can have the wonderful revelation that they can love America and Rwanda.  For kids transitions can be tough.  For our littlest, in just two years she’s lived most of her life in Rwanda!  Please pray for them, have grace with them, and if you’ve got kids that were friends to our little gang, let’s see how we can get together.

1. Join our team!   God’s plan for funding this ministry is %100 churches and individuals giving in faith.  We miss home, we love home and we look forward to returning!   But we know God has us here in Rwanda for now.   We simply will not be able to return to the work God has for us unless he provides our support through people like you.  We are going to need something like 25 people to join our team.  Our average supporter gives each month $60 but we will need those who give far more and far less than that.    Check our the ‘give‘ page to find out how to join our team.



And for a bonus 🙂 We need access to some wheels!  (As of 7/14)  We are praying for a car we could use that might just be sitting in someones driveway, something we would keep up, and pay insurance for from October till the end of January, let us know if you have any leads!  Email me by clicking here.


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