To Danny :

Can you pray for Danny?  I sent him this email yesterday.  He comes wednesday from America and will spend five weeks with us exploring God’s call on his life.
Eric Clark digging in the village, he was last years intern.
Eric Clark digging in the village, he was last years intern.
I met with the other missionaries yesterday and we completed your schedule, its up on your Google calendar.  It won’t make to much sense till you get here, but you’ve got a packed schedule pretty much.
If you have easy access you can print this out and pray over it as you fly over.
As you pray think through all these things you will experience.
  • You’ll get a week in the village, where it won’t be comfortable.  You’ll walk several hours a day.  Its very sunny and dusty now.  You’ll have almost no privacy.  You’ll eat some new food.
  • You’ll have lots of time there in the village (I’ve worked it out with them to let you alone in the mornings) and throughout the month to pray for a couple hours a day, with readings to guide you.
  • You’ll likely bond with a few young Rwandan guys as I am intentionally going to have your path cross with some of the same group of guys, who will be with you to help you in the village, in teaching the youth and showing you around town.
  • You’ll begin to think through the heartache and history of genocide and tribalism.
  • I’ll lead you through a crash course on language acquisition, a similar course is used by many organizations, all over the world.  You’ll also do daily language walks while you are here, and progress further in a short time than you could of imagined.
  • We’ll meet a couple times a week to process all that God might be saying to you.
  • You’ll get to teach in a couple elementary schools, in English.  These will be very no frills African style school, you could find in Sudan or Congo or anywhere.
  • You will also ’lead’ a ‘life nights’ style afterschool program.  Probably with a couple hundred kids.  There will be plenty of helpers.  You’ll share some part your testimony through translation several times.
  • You’ll see the hands-on the work that a few of us missionaries do.  You’ll be with me as I show videos in the village using the lithium battery supplies you are bringing, share seminars with youth and preach in churches in the local language.
  • You’ll see the co-op Kristy works with, perhaps interview women there.
  • You’ll see the facilities we have to teach pastors and interview them.
  • You’ll spend time with Paul who will interview Celestine M. the head of Alarm, and you’ll spend time with him editing and talking about how he sets up shoots as he travels East Africa for ALARM.
  • You’ll spend a few days with the Tyrrells, missionaries from Australia.  See the farming demonstration they do, the participate with him in the English lessons he does, and see the church plant they have help start, near the volcanoes.  They’ll also share with you all the challenges they have faced in that pioneering work.
  • You’ll get a couple days out to a work camp, setting up for the youth camps coming up after you leave.  Meet our former team leaders from Switzerland who pioneered the work in Rwanda twelve years ago.
  • You’ll spend time in the NW of the country visiting schools, churches, a compassion international site, and interview people to make a brief film for the Evangelical Friends Church of Rwanda.
  • You’ll also make a short video for us, that we can use on Home Assignment this October.
Lord willing, you’ll come home a changed man.  With a new set of holy habits in your life, a new sense of the possibilities of fellowship with the Lord and others unlike yourself, through taking new risks, new challenges, through pushing yourself like never before in meditation,  prayer and fasting.  I pray you’ll have a greater sense of your destiny, a great understanding of your strengths and weakness’s and a clearer plan of what the next steps are for you, in continuing your journey with the Lord and joining with him
Joe Marlin
Training Pastors at New Creation Ministries
Serving with AIM Internationalcell : +250 787 467 568
mail  : BP 1299 Kigali, Rwanda
web :

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