Goodbye CIU

Prayer towers, a great place to get alone on campus and plead for the world, and join in a communion of brothers and sister who prayed in this place and have obeyed the call of God to go.

CIU was an amazing experience for me. Where else could I have a class on church planting taught by a guy from Germany, with a class full of people from five nations, going out to nine different nations to share the love of God in Christ?  Or have a roommate from South Korean planting house churches in Kazakhstan? Or study exorcism from a professor who has spent his life not only studying but living and ministering among people who practice spiritism, with his own personal experience of the kind of power encounters that are recorded on nearly every page of the New Testament? Or share a class with a Brazilian whom I find out later is serving in Chad with the same agency as I am, Africa Inland Mission.

It has done incalculable good to my soul to be in an environment for the last year and a half, where the heart beats for the ends of the earth to know the Lord that I love. The professors have not only equipped me with a deeper and broader understanding of history, culture, spirituality, theology and missions but have also given me an incredible living example of how someone sacrificially works for the success and growth of their students, and through me I pray that their example will live in Rwanda where I will by Gods grace disciple rural pastors in Central Africa


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