Five that fast

In our June update, near the end I put a call and challenge out to see if five people would be willing to fast with me.  This would be that once a month instead of eating breakfast and lunch, we are praying and meditating on God’s word together on the same day.  This is for anyone who wants to join us in interceding for the world, especially the great needs of Rwanda but also for ourselves. That we would show our hunger and dependence on Him alone.  If you are considering this, please pray about it and evaluate if this is something that you can follow through on.  If you still want to stand with us, and pray and fast one day a month with me send me a message at, and we can begin to figure out what it will look like together.

To those new to the idea of fasting one of the most helpful books I’ve read on it comes from John Piper.  A hunger for God, here it is at Amazon and here is a free copy online.


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