Pray for Jeremiah

This is us with Tim Brubaker, Worldventure missionary who helps lead the pastoral training.

This comes from the Brubaker’s prayer update.  You can find more about them here.


“Jeremiah was with us during our training session over the last few weeks.  He told me that the week before he came to school, a delegation of denominational leaders visited him in his home for an inquisition.  Jeremiah was being accused of teaching heresy.  What were the charges???

(1) Jeremiah is accused of preaching the divinity of Jesus;
(2) Jeremiah is accused of preaching that salvation is by faith alone;
(3) Jeremiah is accused of teaching that children are sinners in need of salvation;
(4) Jeremiah is accused of preaching that becoming a Christian doesn’t mean you won’t encounter problems in your life;
(5) Jeremiah is accused of preaching that the blood of Christ is sufficient for salvation.

Jeremiah comes from one of the most influential denominations in the country.  Can you see the problems and their implications???

I felt bad when I heard Jeremiah’s stories – because we are the ones who have been discipling him.  I told him, “Jeremiah, I feel like I should apologize to you because teaching you the truth has caused you only suffering.”  Jeremiah’s response was indicative of the reason why we’re in Rwanda.  He said, “Tim, over the last four years I have come to understand the Gospel.  I understand it and everything else is making sense now.  If you cut me anywhere on my body, you’d see that it’s the Gospel that’s running through my veins.”  I acknowledged that this is all well and good.  But, the suffering…?  He responded, “To be a minister of the Gospel means two things…  kwemera no gupfa – believing and dying.”


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