Why CIU? 5 reason’s we are excited

So we are thanking God, I was accepted to pursue a Master’s degree at CIU’s Seminary & School of Missions.  Considering it will mean I will have to spend 5 one week intensives down at Columbus, SC, (supplemented with online courses) away from the family, to gain residency for their MA (Theological Studies), I thought it would be good to share why God is leading us in this direction.  I thought I’d continue the tradition, as I gave 5 reasons we love AIM, Here are 5 reasons we love CIU.

5. CIU’s Master’s program has a short track for those like myself who already have 30 credits in Bible, Theology and Church history at the bachelors level.  I have over 60, and so I am glad to not have to retake the same bible survey courses I have already done.  If I had no background, the same program would be 60 credit hours, instead of 30.

4. Half of CIU’s program can be taken off campus, through their online courses, or at another accredited seminary.  This is huge for us staying where we are, working for liberti church here in Philadelphia, and close to family with a very young family of our own.

3. Here’s a fact I’m not sure any other large US school can claim, 50% of CIU’s alumni of the Seminary & School of Missions are in process of, or are already serving cross culturally, to proclaim the gospel that Jesus is the hope of the whole world.  That’s good cause that’s what I want to do with my life.

2. CIU is passionate about the mission of God, and has been 90 years.  I know this cause some of the best people in my life have at some point studied here.  Recently CIU and AIM entered into a partnership for a 35% discount for AIM missionaries which is obviously a great benefit to us, and an example of that commitment.

1.  I truly believe this is the curriculum that will help me most practically in our calling of equipping African leaders in the church.  This is where I can take courses on ‘Folk Religion and Spiritual warfare’  or ‘Foundation of Mission’s in the OT’ as well as more traditional courses in church history, and theology, from men and women who have PHD’s from places like Cambridge, Fuller and Princeton, and decades of experience teaching and serving on the mission field around the world.


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