5 reason’s we love AIM

We are so stoked to be apart of Africa Inland Mission, when we were preparing for candidates week, I expected for 1) AIM to share our core beliefs, 2) for AIM to have a lot of opportunities, so we would probably find something to work out, and 3) I knew from experience, seeing how AIM missionaries lived when I had spent a year in Africa before, that they lived in such a way that balanced life and ministry.  I had seen other missionaries and NGO workers honestly surviving at such a high level they did not seem to be able to even have any kind of relationships with the people they came to work with.

All these feelings were deeply confirmed for us during out orientation to AIM in Pearl River, NY.  What I didn’t expect to be blown away about was 4) AIM’s storied history, and incredible legacy for 115 years.  Having been a part of very different kinds of organizations, and new movements I was not ready to appreciate being apart of a movement with a long legacy.  There is a lot I could say about this, about the incredible community focused structures of AIM, the deep heart and priority of prayer, and of reaching the unreached, but the fact that AIM has not strayed from it’s mission of Christ-Centered churches among all African peoples for 115 years is an incredible work of God.

Finally 5) AIM has not lost  it’s risk taking, pioneering spirit, and heartbeat for the unreached people groups of Africa. While they have become wiser, working with the Church in Africa, working internationally, with sending centers in places like Brazil, South Korea, and South Africa, and while they are well structured thinking globally about the needs of their missionaries and the mission, they have the momentum and the courage to continue to break the gospel inland, to where it is not, and to come alongside the Church and strengthen it.  They seem to understand what EM Bound’s once said, that while we constantly look for better methods, God is looking for better people, because God’s method is people.  The people we met at Candidates week deeply desired God above everything, deeply wanted to surrender their lives to Him, and to see the gospel run throughout Africa.


3 thoughts on “5 reason’s we love AIM

  1. Hey Karen, I hope we get to cross paths in the future! Which seems like it could be likely with liberti connection with ALARM in Southern Sudan. I know there is a possible team coming next spring! Know we follow you guys and are praying for you!

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